Fuerzas en equilibrio

Audiovisual installation Miguel Ángel Murgueytio


Sound design Dgroove
Pictures Marco Díaz, Pablo Chávez & Sebastián Benalcázar
Videos Peacock Films


Production Fiesta de la Luz

Arco de la Reina, Quito, Ecuador, 2018


Fuerzas en equilibrio is a smart light sculpture built from basic geometry studies and structural design of the Arco de la Reina in Quito’s old town. Light is used as a way of extending the senses of the human being to reveal new worlds in the environment, breaking restrictions of space and time, in order to materialize intangible magnitudes that give back through their forms and movements the symbolic value to the heritage architecture from the historic city center. The new technologies demonstrate the polygonal figures of a specific structure site where centuries of history, mystical connotations and cultural syncretism are concentrated. This double arch unloaded from classical architecture of the XVIII century, allows to create connections between light waves and sound frequency, inducing an immersive sensory and cognitive experience in the public.