Specular light

Light installation Miguel Ángel Murgueytio 


Technical study Physics Department of EPN, Miguel Ángel Murgueytio & Diamond Lab
Digital manufacturing Diamond Lab
Pictures Marco Díaz 

Production Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Data Center of EPN, Quito, Ecuador, 2019


Light as a visible element is a form of electromagnetic radiation capable of illuminating and transporting energy in space, it is noticeable when it interacts with the matter that allows its projection and diffusion. Specular light is a light installation in the Data Center of Escuela Politécnica Nacional, created from phenomena of light propagation forming geometric figures in space. The work uses instruments from Optics Laboratory (responsible for the light incidence) and 3D printing tools. The propagation and intersection of the light beams on reflective elements on the different surfaces, makes it evident the particles transfer that travel in space creating a specific geometric figure.