Audiovisual installation Miguel Ángel Murgueytio 


Sound design Alejandro Mendoza & Mateo Kingman
Technical support 3Laser
Pictures Fabián Quezada

Production Fundación Iluminar

Todos Santos Church, Cuenca, Ecuador, 2020


The projection mapping and light installation project comes to life on the Todos Santos Church (Cuenca), an eclectic work of Gothic and neo-classical influence. Where pre-Hispanic and Spanish aspects currently converge.


USHNU, in Quechua, refers the first word referring to temple or sacred place of the ancient empire. Graphic and conceptual aesthetics are based on the interpretation of Cañari and Inca iconography, cultures that had their historical settlement over the city before the Spanish conquest. The side walls of the church are illuminated, creating an atmospheric experience of light. Overall, the facade is transformed with anthropomorphic light figures, zoomorphic, geometries and abstractions into a synchrony of chromatic and rhythmic effects. Highlighting the shapes and moldings of the temple that graphically express the ancestral cultural review.